You are soo right. There is not going to be revolution without lots of blood shed. The fact is the rich owners of the two political parties on not going to let got of their power and money without killing a bunch of people. But even without a revolution they are killing a bunch of people all over the globe in our name for money. So the blood is already being spilled, and they are profiting from it.

The least bloody way to initiate change would be for all of us to turn away from the two parties, and vote for someone truly committed to the well being of the people. That would require turning away from the propaganda and brainwashing on the tv news. They say you can’t do that. You have to vote for one or the other of the pieces of shit we let you vote for. They tell us “your vote is not yours”. If you don’t vote for our piece of shit demented Republican then you are voting for that other piece of shit demented Republican. But it is a lie! Your vote is your vote. If you vote for Howie Hawkins from the Green party, then your vote goes to Howie Hawkins of the Green party.

All it takes is the people saying that’s enough, we are voting for someone else, and there is your revolution. It is nothing more than a shift of consciousness. It started in 2016. At least with me it did. They forced Clinton. I voted for Stein. Now they forced Brain Dead Biden. I’m voting for Hawkins. Turn off the TV, and open your eyes. Never vote for a bad candidate. Don’t let anyone coerce your vote. Never ever let them make you feel guilty for not voting for their piece of shit.

A shift in consciousness is coming. It has to. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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