Wow, great analogy! It is all the things I have felt, and everything I feel. And it take s a lot to make me feel anything after these last 4, wait, not 4, these last 50 years.

I keep being pushed back into my old man memories from 50 years ago. There I was, standing in a cloud of tear gas because I didn't believe in war.

And here we are today, at war with the whole world.

I will keep trying. There are people here that respect our neighbors, even love our neighbors. My children, and my grand kids are now protesting in the streets for sanity, for peace, and for a end to the greed. I could not be more proud. But alas we kill our own black and brown people here. How could we be a good neighbor to anyone.

The required change is not waiting around the corner, or the election I mean. It's possible we could be installing a different corporate controlled oligarch candidate in a few days, but that is far from the change we need.

Please pray that real change will come soon to this country, so the world can start to breath again.

Love to all. Peace.

A lonely message from the bowels of hell.

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