Photo By Photoni

All the little fish being eaten by the big fish. That is America. We, I mean most of you, and certainly me are the little fish. Chasing, running, fighting for little scraps or morsels of what is left after the big fish swim through savagely devouring everything. I mean everything.

The big fish own the ocean, and we little fish pay them for the right to be there. We pay literally with our lives. We are stupid little fish.

We have the numbers, we could take down the big fish, but we don’t. Instead we fight amongst ourselves. Every four years we little fish get to have a couple big fish paraded in front of us so we can decide which one will eat us. It’s called voting. We could vote for a fish just like us that knows what it’s like to be a little fish, but we won’t. We could vote for a fish that cares about what we care about instead of what the big fish care about. The big fish only care about using all the little fish to make themselves bigger, richer, and more comfortably powerful.

We are stupid little fish. Millions of us just following the little fish directly in front of us into the gaping mouth of the big fish, and they call this a school(haha), or democracy(hahaha), or a corporation. We think we are making a choice when there is none. All choices lead into the big mouth full of teeth on the right, or the big mouth full of teeth just to the right of that. It’s all hard right.

There are old wives tails that speak about the little fish that worked hard, and grew up into a beautiful big fish, but that was in a different ocean that never really existed. You can look back, and back, and back forever. That ocean was a myth. We have always lived in a ocean where the big fish devour the little fish, and we little fish need to wake up.

We little fish have the power. When we move as one the tides follow our movement. Money is a construct. You take away the dollars and you see that the big fish’s fins are much too small for his body. With just a little schooling we little fish could feed the masses with the bloated bodies of the big fish. We should.


Photo by Photoni

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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