What can we say about suicide? The culmination of a mental condition, or sickness that results in an eternity of hell? It seems forgivness is available for many sins that are arguably more condusive to eternal damnation. I have to ask. Who makes this stuff up? Is it as they say the word of God given to us through the written word. Through the flesh of a man, or men. Re written and translated by men many times. Over and over like the simple sentence wispered from ear to ear around a circle of ten or twelve people, each saying what their version of the truth is. And we base our faith in God on these meanings. Some say that because God is God that the word is kept pure with a singular intent, a singular meaning.

But then how are there soo many different versions of the same religion. Why does one version kill the other? Each version claims the other as extreme. But then you can commit suicide for the right reasons and be exalted in heaven. But if done because you are sick you are disowned, dishonored, forgotten.

All I have are questions. Where is the justice in a field full of death, where both sides gave their lives with honor for their version of God?

Racism and greed cloaked in religion is to often the reality of our world.

I grieve for all who perish because of the lies.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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