Very well said! I have felt very alone in my gun beliefs for a very long time. I hate hunting. I don’t want to kill any living thing unless I absolutely have to. But don’t try to take my guns away.

I see the liberal push to rid the populus of guns as the equivalent of hiding under a rock with nothing but good thoughts to protect us from the inevitable fall of utopia. I am a progressive, or liberal you could say. But I happen to believe that hidding under a rock with a gun is much preferable to having only harsh words in the form of laws to protect us from from criminals who spend their whole lives learning how to circumvent those laws and do just as they please.

If you have any doubt about the harm in trying to do good, just think about the fact that we kill many more people every year with hospitals, or cars, or alcohol, or even tylenol than we do with guns in this country.

What’s the very first thing we do when trying to create a democracy where things are run by an evil dictator? We give the people guns. That’s just how it works. So what can be better then armed citizens to prevent a dictatorship from happening?

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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