Trump is of course corporate owned just like Biden, and Obama. Our government is controlled by two parties that are both equally beholden to corporate interests. The wars that we are in all around the world that are paid for by our taxes are nothing more than corporate interests. When Bush went back into the middle east to start the war on terror it was supported by Biden and the majority of our government. It was started because of propaganda stating there where weapons of mass destruction which was totally untrue. Look it up.

Obama ran on a platform of ending the wars. He expanded them instead. Trump ran on the platform of ending the wars. He did no such thing. Now Biden is back, but this time he hasn't even given lip service to the idea of stopping the wars. They are wars for profit.

It used to be when we were at war it was on everyone's minds. The news was all about the wars. Not any more. It will not be in the news. The same corporate oligarches that are running the government, and getting rich off the wars are in fact the same corporate oligarches that own the the broadcast companies that give us the news. This is not conspiracy, this is facts that anyone can research on their own. Right in front of our eyes. Plain as day.

Please America, open your eyes.

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