Time is short. There is but a blink of an eye between your generation and mine. It seems only yesterday that I was standing in a cloud of tear gas to protest the mandatory shipping of many of my friends and neighbors off to fight and die in a useless war.

I blinked, and there were my children. I worked, hard. I couldn’t see what the very rich were doing behind the scenes. Slowly chipping away. Taking a larger share of the fruit of our labor. Closing doors, and making loopholes.

Blink and again our resources are funneled into wars that benefit those same awful people. I’m still doing all I can to fight them. I’m just older.

I apologize for not standing stronger against this terrible march of deceit that has gripped our country, and the world. I guess we were too busy to see what was happening. Does that make it our fault? Does that deserve your blame? Or should we be standing united against it? Time doesn’t define who you are or what you believe.

We are all the same. Just a blink apart.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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