This article has absolutely no connection to the 9/11 conspiracy. Notice if you will I did not use the word theory. 9/11 facts do not add up to the story we are told by our government. I saw with my own eyes. No one needed to tell me buildings don’t fall down like that without an experienced demolition crew. Trying to tell the nation that a building that was designed to withstand exactly that(being run into by a plane)fell straight down into it’s own footprint with in a matter of minutes is the conspiracy theory. It would take days of uncontrolled burning before the floors above the crash would start to list to one side or another. Any people in the building would have been long gone.

I don’t care if we did go to the moon. I do care about our government creating false flags over and over throughout history so they could have a war, and get rich.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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