There is a third party candidate that stands for all the things we believe are important that we can vote for.

I keep hearing it over and over and over by many people that are frustrated by the two false parties. They say “boy I wish we could vote for a real candidate”. If only there was someone we could all vote for and throw these criminals out.

Oh well, I’m here to tell you there is no option. Green Party. There is no viable third party. Green Party. That is because we are bound by some unseen law that states we absolutely cannot vote for anyone other than the Republican or the Democratic candidate. Green Party. Further more, anyone who does decide to vote third party is really voting for the more evil candidate of the two parties, depending on if you are looking at it from the Republican or the Democratic standpoint. Green Party. So there is no hope. Green Party. Your only choice is to vote RED, BLUE, or NOT at all. Green Party. No mater how many people vote third party, It will not count as a vote for what you believe in, it will count as something bad, and you will be to blame for what ever evil piece of shit wins. Green Party.

Or we could all just vote Green Party. The only thing keeping that from happening is that stupid little voice in peoples heads that came from the TV to tell them they can’t. Such a stupid little voice. We just have to flip the switch off, and POOF we are free to vote for a good candidate.

How did we allow such a massive brainwashing? There is no valid argument against casting your vote for a good candidate instead of a bad one. Always vote for a good candidate.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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