The time for Bernie Sanders is sadly in the past. His time was at the Democratic convention. His supporters were there ready to push for for his candidacy. Bernie threw in the towel. A man that spent his lifetime not giving up threw in the towel without a wimper.

There was a proverbial gun to his head to have him give up in that fashion. We probably will never know exactly who held the gun, or what it was loaded with. But without knowing what was, and is his huge and glaring weakness, his career is at an end.

Yes he continues to have influence. Kind of like an ex president. But for people like me, giving all my extra cash, the hats, the stickers, the signs. The ridicule of my neighbors and friends. He sacrificed our support to some unknown God.

I can’t know if Trump would have still been elected if Bernie had stood his ground, and fought the corruption that dogged him through the entirety of his campain. But I don’t believe many Clinton supporters would have voted for someone besides Bernie if he had been made the candidate.

Many Bernie supporters (including this supporter)could not vote for Clinton. She was a part of the obvious corruption holding Bernies campaign down.

Jill Stein offered Bernie her spot on the green ticket. He didn’t offer an answer. Whatever stopped his Democratic candidacy also required his support of the currupt candidate and party.

How can Bernie Sanders forced submission to Clinton and the Democratic party be reconciled? It’s beyond me to know. But until then I don’t see him being useful as anything more than a cheerleader.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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