The bias you speak of is not a liberal bias, it is a bias towards the billionaire oligarchs that presently own the country. No media outlet, not one, not FOX, not CNN, none are biased towards the truth. They want us at each others throats. Why do we let them do this?

The so called left leaning media you speak of hates Bernie Sanders, or Tulsi Gabbard. They don’t want you to hear what Bernie or Tulsi are saying, so they call them Socialists, or Communists, anything so you can’t get the message. Bernie and Tulsi are people that want the rich to quit spending our tax dollars on wars, and to spend them instead on the things we need at home. The media calls it Socialism, but what is Socialistic about reasonable health care, roads and bridges and infrastructure so our businesses can thrive , and jobs that don’t entail the death of people all around the world. We have had the wool pulled over our eyes again and again. We need to come together against the real enemies of the people.

It wasn’t socialism back when FDR invested in our country and people with the new deal. We built a strong nation from that. But it has slowly been taken away from us, and it’s bones are being stripped clean be those that want us blinded, and fighting amongst ourselves over table scraps.

So please try to include the liars on both sides of the coin in your rants. And make sure you are talking about the real liars, not our neighbors that we are called upon to love as ourselves. Let’s all just try to turn off the TV, and start talking to each other.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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