Thanks for taking the time to reply.

You are probably right. I’m just a simple minded old fool. I started demonstrating against wars that I felt were a stupid meaningless waste of lives over 50 years ago. I have gotten into more detailed discussions many many times, but most of the time no one is listening to a degree that just stating “stop the wars” makes any more of a impact than 30 minutes of banter. I personally feel that our military is being used solely to make a few people richer and more powerful at the tax payers expense, and not for the reasons generally given by our leaders.

What I didn’t state that I normally do is “stop the greed” along with stop the wars, and stop the hate.

It is everything I believe boiled down to a few words. I truly believe these three things are at the root of our largest problems.

I have been tear gassed for carrying signs that had nothing more than these words on them. They obviously have a deeper meaning to some. These statements are not campaign slogans, or an advertisement for a brand of hot dog.

Throughout time some of the most powerful leaders have made huge impact using statements of brevity. Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, and Abraham being just a few.

They also tend to carry very different meanings to each person who reads it, many of which are strong and deeply formed.

So there you have it. Sometimes I will dive deeper into the meanings of my short statements. Sometimes not.

Stop the wars!

Stop the hate!

Stop the greed!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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