So what are you going to do? Time’s a wasting. Just like in 2016 I am supporting the only alternative that gives my vote a voice. The Green Party that sits there ready and waiting for us to wake the hell up! It’s treated like the red headed step child of the political world, but it continues to push for peace, Medicare for all, education, and all the other important things we are fighting for. Let’s quit crying, and get back to work.

The Democratic party is dead. It’s time we all realize that the oligarchs that run the DNC are not going to give up their money and power to the likes of us peons without the party crashing. Forget it, and lets move on. The world doesn’t have time for another 4, or 8, or 12 years to start doing something, and the two party system must fall before the change we absolutely have to have can happen.

Please people, we must continue the process of waking from this sleep we have been in for the last 40 years. The time is now. Let’s just get up and do it!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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