See folks? There it is. Telling me my vote doesn’t count unless I vote for their piece of shit candidate. You Chris have bought into, or are being paid into the overall Psychosis that people can only vote for one or the other corrupt political party. You bought into, or have been paid to promote a huge lie. We don’t need a incremental walk backwards from our freedoms and rights. What we do need is a incremental walk away from the two party one owner lie we have. Sure they have their differences, but they are both war profiteers with blood on their hands, so the differences are minutiae.

You are telling me it’s going to be my fault if Trump wins again? The truth is that it is your fault. You arguably have more influence than I, and you are spreading a lie that people don’t have a choice about who they vote for, when they absolutely do. You are the reason the majority of people don’t vote at all. Millions of people don’t vote because they believe people like you, telling them their vote doesn’t count unless they vote for a corrupt war mongering dementia patient. Millions! They aren’t stupid, they are just lied to. They believe it’s useless to vote because you told them it is useless unless they vote for a lying cheating old Republican that can’t string two coherent sentences together in a row. And you know it’s a lie. Just look in the mirror, and tell it to yourself. Say it! Even though there are other political parties with excellent candidates to vote for that aren’t Republicans, and aren’t sick with dementia, I have to vote for Biden, or I’m voting for Trump. Now tell me, do you really believe that shit?

Wake up people! If you hate war, corruption, incrementally backing our asses off a cliff?!!! You have a choice of a good candidate. All you have to do is vote for him or her. No secret, no smoke and mirrors, and no BS. Never ever vote for a bad candidate.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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