Please realize that not all boomers are idiots. Every time Mr Crawford responds to you I cringe. He is always trying to say how little you know of real life, when the reality is obviously his lack of a connection to real life facts that drives him.

I greatly appreciate what you do at work and at home. I am sorry that the world has devolved to this point where the young people of today do not have the opportunities of those that came before them.

But I must say that some of us have been against the forces that drove those same opportunities all along. Things like the giant pyramid scheme that is Capitalism that was destined to arrive where we are today. I can only hope that the youth of today take this point in time, and use it to make the changes that were needed so long ago.

It is my guess that there will be more violence, but I do not wish for it.

As far as voting goes, I do believe we all need to vote, just not for either of the corporate owned, and oligarch controlled parties that everyone seems to be absorbed into at this time. We need a revolution in voting as well as on the streets.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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