My my, you do have some time on your hands. I'm not going to address what you say point by point. But I will say you make an interesting arrangement of what I call factoids.

Just a couple things. You are certainly correct in your assessment of the rentier/ financier point. But I feel the line between that particular class of thief and the taskmasters of general business has been blurred. The industries and large businesses that employ large numbers of people are now mostly owned by the rentier/financier class, and they have bled the businesses, and their employees dry. Done.

Another point. Your thoughts on health care get a bit stickey. Keeping people alive that should be dead is probably not an economical thing to do. I'm old, but I don't think I should be dead. Yet. I want to enjoy being retired, and my family for a while. And for them to enjoy me. I have some old friends also. None of us want to be strung along, and kept alive when we have no reasonable ability to live life.

I am a hard core believer in single payer healthcare. Medicare for all. I watch as my children and grand children are suffering because of our fragmented inefficient piece of shit profit controlled system. Don't even go there.

Oh course Obama care was a pos. It was written by the insurance companies, not by anyone who really cared. I can't believe people point at Obama for that. I mean he did nothing for anything. Fucking Neo liberal war monger like the rest, including Trump. You think because Trump says he's against the wars that he will do anything at all to stop them? Think again Bat Man. It's all about profit. He makes big money from wars just like the rest. Obama was going to stop the wars, he expanded them.

Ok, I'm starting to get worked up.

We have to stop what is our human trajectory towards extinction. We can't keep growing the economy like good little capitalists. We can't keep extracting the earths life essence, and expect it to keep supporting our fragility. We have to change what we are doing in a drastic way. Humanity is on the ledge, and we are being driven by insane money hungry idiots. WE need to eat the rich, and live local. Just my simple thoughts.

Stop the wars, spend my tax money here on health care, and infrastructure so a person can go out and start a bussiness to provide life sustainance for his nieghbors and family. Gonna have to figure out how to pay people a living wage without destroying the invironment. Need to re examine what weath and money are, and where they come from. We need to produce food, shelter, healthcare, and art. Enjoy

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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