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Let me first say that I don’t know if the tear gas our government uses on us today is the same as the stuff used on me back in the day while I was out protesting war as a teen. But it sure sucked back then, and I’m pretty sure it still does. Maybe worse.

Something I keep hearing is how the groups of protesters are out there breaking things, demolishing businesses, burning, and looting. Well yes, that happens, but what I want to talk about is why these peaceful demonstrators suddenly turn into a destructive, and violent force.

I can only speak for myself on this, but I personally get very upset, pissed off, and ready to lash out immediately following being tear gassed. I mean nothing I can think of will sour your day as quickly as being gassed by the people that are supposed to be there protecting your right to speak out against war, or police violence, or any number of stupid things our government gets away with doing every damn day.

I am only asking that you put yourself out there. let’s say you are speaking out about something you feel strongly about. Really strongly. I’m not talking about inconveniences, I’m talking about life and death issues. About people killing people, and why. And you are marching peacefully, carrying nothing but a water bottle and a sign. Feels like democracy doesn’t it? The American way. Our right to speak out as Americans.

Back when I was out there, I remember the police standing across the street. They were scowling, and there were other people behind them calling us Commies, and flipping us off. We chanted “peace” “peace” “Stop the war”!

It was right around then they gassed us. And I see the exact same thing happening today.

Just tell me, what would you do? What do real Americans do when they are attacked? What is a real patriot? What do real patriots do when attacked by their own government?

I realize that there are groups of people that take advantage. There are bad people in every group. I have watched police incite a riot as well by breaking windows, destroying cars, and many other things. It is to their advantage to make it look as bad as they can, it’s part of the propaganda. But the quickest way to incite a riot is to use tear gas on your own citizens, and then call them monsters for their reaction.

Many times throughout our history civil disobedience has been warranted. The first that comes to mind is the Boston Tea Party. Americans don’t sit still for abuse. Maybe we should be giving more support to the people that are young enough, and brave enough to stand up against oppressive force, carrying nothing more than a mask and a water bottle to show they are committed to peaceful change. Are these the people we should be afraid of when they are standing against a militarized police force, and groups of militarized citizens? This is just the way the propaganda works. Peaceful protestors turned into monsters.

Maybe we should be paying more attention to how we are being propagandized. Maybe we should be supporting each other instead of being made enemies while our country is looted. Maybe we should wake up. Quit lazily eating up the propaganda that is served on a golden platter every day. Don’t aspire to be a billionaire, billionaires should not exist. Aspire to love your neighbor instead. And never ever use tear gas on your neighbors, NEVER!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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