It’s very alarming that the word socialism is able to be used to dup a great number of Americans into thinking that common sense uses of their tax dollars for the benefit of us all are a ridiculous idea. To make people think that it’s ok for a very few to own the great majority of what there is to own in this country. And to make them believe that spending our tax money on wars that intend to make the same rich people richer is acceptable. It’s the same old BS use of inflammatory language, and amazingly people are buying it. Yes it’s alarming, and sad.

We are being lied to by the rich and powerful that want things to stay just like they are. Well not really, they always want more. They are going to use their wealth to make sure the majority of people that are working to give them that wealth don’t get any more than a tiny bit of that wealth. They will lie, and use any words they can to create a division in the masses. They want you to be a Fox news or a CNN believer. But truly both FOX and CNN are owned by the same billionaires. Why would anyone believe them? So what I’m saying is we should be voting for the ones that neither of these billionaire owned propaganda mills endorses.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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