It won’t make a bit of difference. A Democrat in the white house is owned by the same people as the Republicans. This country is owned, and a revolution is the only thing that’s gonna change a thing about it. We the people. Propagandized more than anyone on earth. What a waste of time is this corporate funded swap meet called elections. They’re bought and paid for it with the money they made from our sweat and blood. The only thing to do is take it back, and it’s going to be bloody. Give us our country back you Fuckers! We have to quit letting them herd us into opposite corners people! Liberals/ Conservatives…… It’s all just a big pile of made up shit. Your neighbor is not your enemy. The word socialism might be your enemy, but a group of people banding together and all contributing to make a great country with great infrastructure, and quality schools and hospitals, with respect for each other….I guess we need to think up a different word. Because that’s what made this country. Capitalism is what has destroyed it. Ok, I’ve had my little rant. Just sad all this hoopla over whether there is a Dem or Republican gonna be in the white house. Phiittt!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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