It is because of Hillary, the DNC lieing and cheating their way into this failed presidential candacy, and me that we now have President Donald Trump instead of President Bernie Sanders. In the end I had to vote for Jill. Not because she was a lesser evil, but because she was the only real choice left. I only hope my vote helps to usher in the change that must happen to this skewed two party system. I cannot forget the fear I had standing in front of the cameras, the Arizona house chambers, my neighbors, and the world to testify about the stolen votes, and the voter suppresion so many months ago. We stood out front with signs in protest. It made no difference. Until now. Until people could see that Trump was a bad joke, but still couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a lieing cheating Democratic party. and had to vote for Jill, or not at all. I believed Bernie until he quit. Suddenly he was telling a lie. Someone(Take a guess) was holding a proverbial knife against his throat. It was all over. Luckily Jill was there still telling the truth. The truth no one wanted to hear apparently. The truth no one was allowed to hear in the main stream. Just like what happened to Bernie. But there was no time. I’m sorry that I wasn’t smart enough to see that I needed to do more. To put myself out there. To do whatever it took to stand in the tear gas clouds again like we did for the Viet Nam war oh so long ago. But I sat here in my old age, in my old age chair, and my old age office and typed for no one. I should have stayed on my feet, and in their face. But it’s all ago now. Hours ago, days ago, months ago, and years ago. Maybe next time. I’m soo sorry.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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