I’m what most people that would chance to look at me would call a white guy. I mostly hate other white guys. I was blind. I always thought it was something special about me when I was treated special, but it was because I was a white guy. I still am. I live in a neighborhood with people that aren’t white. That have drug problems. And other stuff. Police show up here five cars at a time.

They walk around with flashlights out, guns out and pointed down at the ground. But I walk out to them calmly smiling, and they don’t throw me down. I say “that car stolen?”talking about the car that’s been parked in front of my house all day. Turns out it’s stolen. Why didn’t they look at me with the evil eye? Why didn’t they ask for my papers? Or why not tell me to put my hands up, and get down on the ground?I guess because I’m a white guy. No, that’s not true. I know it’s because I’m a white guy.

I spent my whole white life trying to make people think I was a good guy. But you seem to think they are all bad. I am starting to think the same. There is no way to be a good white guy. I just get close to that ladder and people of color, Females, and all people less than that just start falling off all around me. I am the plague. I am a white guy.

I’m hoping to be a sea turtle next time around.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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