I’m soo sorry to hear that after all the talk, the slamming of the supposed progressives for not supporting their beliefs, and instead supporting a braindead Republican with freaking dementia, that you are going to vote for that same piece of shit. What were you trying to say?

The Green party is waiting right in front of you. True progressives! A real party that is ready to make a statement. What has happened to your brain that makes you believe you have to vote Red or Blue. Why can’t we all just vote Green and be done with this stupidity that has gripped such a huge portion of the voting public?

WTH? I just can’t understand letting them run the show over and over. Try facing the fact that you and soo many others have been brainwashed into believing your vote is worthless if you use it honestly. If you vote for a good candidate instead of a lying pack of thieves.

I was reading what you wrote, getting excited to see people were waking up. Then skip to the end. What? Why? How can we arrive at that conclusion, where they win? It certainly boggles my mind.

Please re read your story, and believe what you are saying. Then when you come to the bottom write an ending that doesn’t make you the people you were describing at the start. Don’t be the hypocrite that was afraid to do the right thing. Always vote for a good candidate. Never ever vote for a bad candidate.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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