If you want to go progressive, just go Green. F#$k the Democrats, and f#$k the Republicans. The time for a strong stand alone progressive movement is upon us. The corporate owned Democrats are not going to play with real progressives, so why try. They prove this over and over again. The Democrats will allow a token progressive here and there to project the illusion of caring, but never ever will they allow the party to have a truly progressive stance on anything because they are a private party, owned by the same billionaires that own the Republican party.

When will people realize these are privately owned entities that have no concern for us, the citizens. They are there only to control the government to their own advantage.

People continuously act as though the political parties are a government sponsored and controlled product intended for their use and benefit. Wake up! They are privately owned, and don't even have to abide by their own freaking rules that they make up as they go along. This is soo frustrating.

Let's just once try putting our energy into a party that is owned by and for the benefit of our people, our country, and our society as a whole. And not for the benefit of a few rich jerks.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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