I Think It’s Time For This

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I have alluded to the use of the guillotine jokingly before.

I believe it is time to seriously consider this as a way to start the transformation of the world into a more just and equitable place. The world is dying from the greed of a few. We need to make an example for all the wannabe greedy types, and get rid of the greedy few in power. We are on the death bed of humanity. We can fight the injustice that is at the root of our decline, or we can sit back and watch civilization and the rest of the world fall into apocalypse.

One way or the other this ride we are on is coming to an end. Unchecked capitalism has run it’s course, and the destination has been a tragedy for the majority of earth’s inhabitants.

The value/wealth brought about by the production of labor must be given back to those that actually do the labor for the circle of life to be complete. When it is concentrated in the hands of a few it is unsustainable.

Greed should not be the driving force of humanity. Unfortunately that is what has happened, and it must be stopped.

Farmers should farm for a living, not for a mega corporation that squeezes every last drop of value from the family farm, and gives it to some rich investors.

Craftsmen should be revered for what they do.

Housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and education should not be a struggle for anyone.

That same ideal translates to every endeavor. The value of what we do should not be stolen and stored away. It has to flow in and all around an economy to produce life, not debt.

It would be wonderful if the greedy would wake up, and see what they are doing, and realize what needs to happen. But greed blinds. They will never willingly give up their piles of cash that they could never ever spend. Do you think they could be happy with an amount that they could live on in complete comfort for the rest of their lives? No they could not. That is why the guillotine is really the only viable option here.

The idea of the stock market as a tool to grow business has been replaced with pure greed. It now routinely extracts all the value, and leaves an empty shell. The agents of innovation are left with nothing.

The laws have been tweaked to protect the greedy. It is time to start over. Wipe the slate clean. Redistribute the wealth so as to drive ingenuity. Invigorate the minds and means of production. I’m talking about the production of life, of living, and of health.

For the sake of society. For the preservation of all that is good in the world. The quickest way to end the wars. The most direct path to the health and security of the majority of all that is alive on earth. These clowns need to loose their heads. Every last one of them. As soon as possible, meaning now, today! Billionaires should not exist.

This is just the opinion of a nobody. Me, I’m a nobody.

Have a great day!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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