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We all know there are plenty of people in all our communities that don’t believe they should have to wear a mask. The idea of that sits in the back of my mind when I am out at a store, and I try to keep my distance.

I try to keep quiet as well. I don’t want one of these idiots up in my face spewing spittle. I do not want to get infected with this virus.

I’m 66 years old. There are people in our local hospital suffering, and dying everyday from Covid 19. I know this because my wife works there. I keep up. We mourn the dead daily. It is a constant since around June of 2020. At this stage of the game it is hard for me to imagine that anyone living around here has not been affected personally by a death or at the very least the debilitating sickness of someone withing their circle of friends and family.

But still, here they are, all around us. Go figure.

This morning I had to go to Home Depot. As I went in I grabbed a cart, and went to the little station they had there with disinfectant wipes, and masks. A man and apparently his young teen son came walking in past me without masks. I stepped back from the mask box while pointing at the box. I said “Hey you guys want some masks?” To which he replied “No way, that shit’s over.”

Before I could think I replied that no, it wasn’t fucking over, and we have people dying in the hospital right here every single day from Covid. As I followed behind them on into the store he flipped me off behind his head. I asked him why he couldn’t respect the health of the people around him? He told me to fuck off, and that I was a Biden buddy.

We walked on into the store, and as he turned down the paint isle I couldn’t restrain myself and I said I am no Biden buddy, I didn’t vote for him. He turned around and said he wasn’t in the mood for my shit, and he was going to knock me the fuck out.

I know, I know, I should have just kept quiet when he started throwing insults. I was after all just trying to get to the tile department by then.

Maybe these days I should be carrying my gun, because these idiots are everywhere. I already knew he was indifferent to threatening the lives of the people around him by not wearing a mask, and then to physically threaten to knock out a 66 year old man? But he didn’t attack me. I’m glad I didn’t have it (my side arm) then, because there is no telling how I might have reacted to a direct threat.

Maybe if I was wearing my gun he would not have threatened me physically. Who knows? He was definitely an idiot. I have to interject here that we are all idiots, but I try not to be the kind of idiot that threatens the health and well being of those around me. It’s also alarming to me that this guy has at least one generation following in his mask less Covid spreading foot steps.

But I’m thankful he didn’t come closer, he turned and walked on down the isle. The youngster followed along while looking back at me. I couldn’t tell by the look on his face if he was embarrassed, or if he was wanting to join in on a beat down of the old guy that was wanting him to wear a mask. How far do we have to go to protect ourselves and our families from idiots? These are trying times people. Trying times.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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