I like what I see, and agree with what you and a few others are saying in such precise fashion. I thank you.

But something is missing from the clear voices we are hearing. The problems with the Democratic party are being displayed for all to see. The ridiculous notion that if we don’t vote for their slightly less evil candidate then we are voting for the other evil monster. The blue no mater who narrative that prevails in the content of all MSM contrives.

What is missing is for one or all of you people to offer a alternative.

Of course that would entail uttering the inconceivable words….

Third Party! And we all know that is not allowed. It is not allowed to come up in normal conversation. It’s only allowed to vote for this, that, or not at all.

I understand why. Once you have put it on paper that you are considering voting Green party, you, and everything you have ever stood for becomes irrelevant. If you have a readership, and you want to keep it, you can’t say hey everybody we need to vote for Howie Hawkins if we want our voices to be heard and to elicit some change to this thing we call American Politics.

But it needs to be said!

So it gets laid on me. I don’t really have a readership. I can lay it all out for you, the eloquent few, with no remorse for what it will look like to anybody.

I’m voting Green Party in 2020 just like I did in 2016, because the Democratic party is dead, and we need a revolution.

I will not vote for evil! I will not vote for war. I will not vote for the status quo. I will make my voice heard the ONLY way I can by never voting for a bad candidate. Always vote for a good candidate.

You are welcome.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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