I feel it’s time I come clean publicly about 9/11, and what I believe. I believe there is/was a conspiracy. A big one with the final destination being war to protect profits. To create new profits. To continue to build profits and a war industry machine. The people that flew the planes were just actors, pawns, brainwashed to act, and die. But the planes didn’t bring the buildings down. It was obvious that explosives brought down those buildings. True demolitions experts set them exactrly where they had to be, and timed them to go off in exactly the right order to allow those buildings to come straight down in a mater of seconds and stay within their own foot print. All those poor people were murdered by Americans. I am afraid of what people will think of me now. Since that terrible day if you were not of one heart and mind with all the rest of the true Americans hating the evil Muslim terrorists that supposedly did this you simply weren’t an American. People were soo caught up in the emotion of the moment that they couldn’t relate to the facts of physics going on before their eyes. It was obvious to me there was something wrong with the picture. First and formost, jet fuel does not burn hot enought to melt the support beams of a modern building. But even if it was, and even if it did, the most that could happen is the floors above the fire would have listed to one side or the other after many hours of burning and finally fallen off. But the floors below would have stayed. All the people below the impact would have had an excellent chance of escape. But people won’t/can’t believe it. It’s just too emotional. There is much therorizing about who, how, and why this was done. But that is all secondary to the facts. Try to clear everything out of your mind but the buildings falling straight down. Maybe watch a few of the many building demolition videos available. Read about how they are able to do that, and how it is considered an art form to many. If you need more proof you could watch watch the videos of building 7 coming down later that same evening with virtually no damage at all. There was a small fire under it they say. But it was a picture perfect demolition as well. Soo sad. All the lives lost here and in the war that still rages. All the hate, the lies, the freedoms lost…………………

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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