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I am sick of people telling me that my vote doesn’t count.

Or they say if I don’t vote for Biden, I am voting for Trump.

They say it with great conviction. They say I am being idealistic, or naive.

These people probably have good intentions when they say the same things over and over. It’s almost as if they are repeating some kind of propaganda. It’s almost as if they have been brainwashed by some kind of organization that has billions and billions of dollars to produce propaganda that specifically makes them believe something that is totally going to make them do something against their own interests.

That could never happen here in the United States right? I mean just look at all our main news organizations. They are owned by upstanding people that put the truth above all. Right?

Just because all of them, FOX, CNN, and well all of them, are owned by the same six billionaires. Ummmm well….They wouldn’t feed us a line of propaganda would they?

Now those billionaires wouldn’t be the same ones that make the huge donations to our Republican, and Democratic candidates would they?

But they totally have our best interests at heart right?

I am sure that even if they did produce endless propaganda it wouldn’t sway the general population would it?

Do you think it could possibly make people believe that their vote only counts if it is for one of their billionaire supported candidates? Nah! Never!

And if millions of people realized that they had a real candidate to vote for, that stood up for all the things they believe, and all the things we need so badly right now. I mean if we had a candidate like that, and millions of people woke up to that fact, and then they voted for that candidate. That would mean they were voting for Trump. Right?

Something doesn’t make sense here. Is this a trick math question?

Millions vote for a good candidate instead of a bad one. Doesn’t that mean their vote counts for the good candidate?

If you keep voting for the same shit candidates, nothing is going to change. Your vote is your voice. You are saying you agree with who you vote for. Vote for what you believe if you want things to change. It won’t change all at once. But your vote will count for what you believe. Believe it!

There is a lot of waking up that has to happen. This happens to be a year of huge awakenings already. We are out in the streets demonstrating against police brutality. Are you going to mute that effort by voting for a guy that wants to shoot em in the leg, and his self described TOP COP partner?

Let’s not!

Hawkins/Walker 2020

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Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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