I 100% disagree with everything you said. Try to get this through your head. Biden is sick he is sliding into the depths of dementia, and there are no drugs adequate to allow his brain to function in a normal fashion. Aside from that, he brings nothing to the table for anyone except the war mongers and corporatists. That’s if he could string two sentences together without loosing track of what he is saying. Face it, he is a Republican.

He is not going to win this election. It will be over within 20 minutes of the start of the first debate. He is going to embarrass the whole of the DNC, and any fools dumb enough to support him.

The DNC, and their partners from the MSM forced him down the throats of all of us. And they will experience their own special kind of hell for that at some point in the future. The Republicans are not going to be nice to him like his buddies were in the democratic primary debates. He is going to melt down. Nobody wants to see that, and the people responsible for parading a senile old dementia patient out for that kind of slaughter should be held accountable.

You want to force us all to vote for a clearly bad candidate? Shame on you. If I vote for a bad candidate it tells the world that I approve of that bad candidate. Well I don’t. I’ll vote for a good candidate, and my voice will be heard. I believe in stopping the wars, providing healthcare for all, rebuilding our infrastructure, supporting education, protecting the planet.

The Green party supports all these things, and they have a candidate we can vote for that will tell the world what we think is important with a loud voice. His name is Howie Hawkins.

Your vote is your voice. Don’t waste it on a bad candidate.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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