Hmmm, what is there that could possibly be an alternative to voting for Biden?

How about we vote for a good candidate instead?

I'm not saying we are not going to have to go into the streets to protest before this is over, but why don't we go ahead and vote for Howie Hawkins, and Angela Walker on our way out the door?

What huge block of propaganda has been placed into the minds of all of us that makes us believe it's easier to go out and protest in the streets than to go ahead and vote for someone that stands for what we believe?

What do Howie and Angela stand for?

Medicare for all.

Stop the wars, and de fund the military.

Use that money to implement the green new deal.

De fund the police.

Use that money to send trained professionals out on these non criminal calls.

Stop putting people in jail for profit.

Stop putting people in jail for Marijuana.

And much much more.

Why Why Why don't we vote for that?

Millions of us want a government that will do those things. Why do we believe the propaganda that tells us we can't?

You CAN vote for a good candidate. Vote for what you believe. It is your voice Let it be heard. Then lets get on out into the streets!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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