First and formost I read your story to find out what it meant. I’m talking about the art on your arm.

I love art. I realize that knowing the deepest meaning of most art is out of reach, as is touching it. When art is commissioned, the meaning to me is one step removed from the essence. So I was curious as to why people would feel compelled to touch yours.

Searching for a personal connection to art is human. Reaching out to feel the deeper meaning is also. Wanting to feel the new life inside the mothers womb is a human response from the begining of humanity.

Some days I love everyone, and I want to connect. Some days I want to be left alone. Some days I wear my Bernie hat, some days I wear my Ghost busters T shirt, and some days I wear a frown.

I cannot know your reasons for wearing your art on your sleeve, but much like wearing your heart there, people are going to notice. Don’t share the meaning if you don’t want to, but please try to acknowledge their attempt at human connection without condesension, but say “because I like it” with love if possible.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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