First and foremost, the Dems are not pushing a socialist platform, and have not moved to the left. They have consistently moved to the right for the last 50 years. The only socialist vote you could make would be the Green Party.

The very best things in this country were put there by us, because they are socialistic endeavors. Things that we all want and need. Read Socialist. All our infrastructure that allows us to start a business, drive on paved roads, go to school.

And the thing people cling to the most, and is the most socialist, Social Security and Medicare. Even all you people on the right are saying don't touch it!

So you have swallowed some scary interpretation of socialism to make you vote against your own interests. But you still vote for somebody that wants to raid those things,(Social Security/Medicare) privatize them and extract a profit into a billionaires pocket from them, and leave your social security a empty shell.

That's why we call them idiots that vote for this.

Don't believe the BS. Don't vote for the Republican or the Democrat, they are owned by the same corporate oligarchs that are sucking our country dry, and sending us off to wars to die or be mentally maimed for their benefit.

I mean really, this is some kind of sickness, and it's affected more than just the 73 million, its all the people that voted for Biden as well. 160 million sick in the head, highly propagandized people all voting against themselves. Sad.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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