Does the Democratic party represent the working class? How about the welfare class? You know, this is where the huge decline in the working class went when they were no longer supported by any political party.

I agree with you. But we should have removed the blinders 30 years ago when the Democratic sellout began.

I have friends that think Clinton should have won the primaries, that Sanders was way too progressive. They blame me for where we are at.

I am crumbling under the weight of age, and depression. Probably shouldn’t be saying anything when I feel this way. But I am, and this is what it is……

I didn’t vote for the democrat, and I don’t foresee that I ever will again. My grand kids will be voting in the next presidential election. It’s up to them. Why and how did it come to this? I have to hand this stinking pile over to them, and say “You fix it”.

Ok, here’s my wisdom on a smallish plate. My generation had a revolution that we let go of before the real work was done. We were placated. We joined the Democratic establishment, and then we lost to the powerful dollar. We yearned for a finish, and then smooth sailing.

Now I see through all of history that there isn’t an end to the fight. Us regular folks don’t get to relax.

Power corrupts. It’s not only rust that never sleeps, but also corruption. As soon as you have put someone in power it is time to move for their replacement. If they have become comfortable in the position of power, the corruption has taken hold.

I am sorry my children. I am sorry my grand children. We have dropped the ball. I have to believe that most of us (like me) slept through history class. Now the impediments to a change in power have grown deep roots. You have a tough job. WAKE UP to history, and your future!

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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