Closing the institutions and putting crazy folks out on the curb to fend for themselves was clearly a Republican endeavor. They were slowly strangled out of existence. The money that allowed real trained people to care for them went first. By the end, the lack of funding made them dark, depressing, dangerous, and a toss up whether the poor sick people had a better chance in our out. There were always some that were dark and dangerous before the strangling started. These were run by the original money grabber friends of the prior Republicans that gave them the pork money to begine with. So now we the the poor suckers out on the street, or in one of the new privatized jails that the republicans paid themselves and their friends to build, and then fill with the mentally handicaped, and all the criminals manufactured in their drug wars. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the ones they make a game of running over and then use as target practice. I mean really, it just goes on and on.

To put it in a movie perspective,(because you know we are consumed by star worship)The Republicans, (and now the Democrats)are the Aliens, and we the dumbed down remaining portion of what was a workers middle class are the soilent green that they feed on.

But as we all know the pool of easy money is dwindling. They will soon have to move on to another planet to suck dry. And maybe, just maybe, the few humans and animals left can try to start over.

Or not.

Or we could vote for Jill.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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