Bla bla bla. Is a million deaths ok with you? What the fuck are you talking about? This is not the flu, it is not driving deaths, it is soo much more. Acting like it’s just going to fade away or whatever it is we are thinking is not going to work. We could have been past this if it was taken seriously like most of the rest of the world. You are just blathering bs. WE fucked up. As a science believer who has taken science seriously the majority of my life, I as well as many others understand that it is going to be a virus that takes humanity off the face of the earth, unless of course we blow ourselves up. But it is understood, or it should be that we better learn how to deal with them(virus)if we want to spend a good amount of quality time here on earth before the really nasty one comes along and takes us out.

But to your point about feeding the fires of our form of Capitalism with the blood of our old and weak is nothing less than barbarian. Capitalism as it is here in the USA is a big pyramid scheme that has just about run it’s course. We lost control over it years ago, and it has taken over the writing of our laws to it’s advantage, and it has wrung out the majority of value in the country and put it in just a few rich peoples pockets. The people doing the majority of the work are not being compensated enough to have a roof over their heads, or food in their stomachs. As we have made huge advances in productivity the working class has become poorer. Over 90% of the gains made in productivity over the last 50 years has gone into the pockets of the rich. If the majority of workers were being paid in proper proportion to profits we could all have just stepped back, and had the resources to control a virus outbreak.

If we had a healthcare system that wasn’t tied to a ponzi scam where the health insurance companies are there writing the laws to insure their profit before the health of the public, people wouldn’t be waiting until the last second before admitting themselves to the hospital, or just going to the doctor.

Look, this could go on and on, but I’m not going to do that. We were a failed state years before covid 19 showed up, and it took this virus to throw it up in our faces where it could be seen. Greed and wars over greed have stolen the well being and livelihood from a huge portion of Americans. We need to pick up the pieces and move in a new direction. I don’t care what we call it, it just has to be fair for all Americans and treat the rest of the world fair as well. The capitalist system we have now must fall. Killing people all around the globe with my taxes, and in my name, for some rich guys profit must stop. It’s been 50 years of protesting wars for me, and still they rage. I won’t give up.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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