Bernie Sanders was the Democratic Party’s Last Chance at Salvation.

It is The People’s Turn Now!

When the corporate monkeys picked Biden as the Anti Trump, they threw it all away. They believe they can force a mostly dead and dumb Republican down our throats, and have just enough umph to rid the white house of Trump, while still retaining a corporate strangle hold on us, the people, the workers, the Blacks, Browns, Whites, and Reds. All of us!

They are wrong. We the people have had enough of the propaganda, the brain washing, and the theft. We have real choices outside of the two “brother from a different mother” parties that are owned by the rich, and want nothing more than to make them richer off the wealth of the people.

The right choice is right there in front of us. All we have to do is vote.

Howie Hawkins, and Angela Walker are real people that tell the truth. They are people that work for a living. On the streets, they see what is needed.

End the wars

Medicare for all

A Green new deal

An Education that doesn’t leave you debt ridden

Legalize marijuana

Stop mass incarceration



Small business promotion

End the wars! (I had to say it again)

The list goes on and on of where our money should be going instead of going into the pockets of a few.

We must vote for the things that we want, need, and believe in. They want you to throw your vote away on something that keeps things the way they are. They want us split into two herds, at each other’s throats. It’s time for a Revolution! A Revolution of votes! A majority of Americans want and need the things on this list to happen now. I guarantee you that nothing on the list happens if you vote for Trump, or Biden. We have the votes! Let’s use em! We must snap out of the stupor and vote like we mean it. We are not sheep, or lemmings that obediently follow the talking heads. Just ask yourself who owns the talking heads, and why do they want you to believe this or that? Why do they want you to be at odds with your neighbor? Just follow the dollars, and then vote Green in 2020.


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