And which insurance company owns your words?

It seems the words healthcare, and health insurance are used synonymously by you, and many others, that try to make us think they mean the same thing.

They don’t.

Health insurance is a capitalistic construct conceived to extract a profit from people that have a fear of getting sick. Some things that reduce the profits from said enterprises, and are frowned upon by insurance companies are things like providing healthcare to people, both healthy and sick.

Providing for and maintaining a healthy populace is what healthcare is. A healthy populace is integral to the pursuit of happiness for yourself and others. In other words, it is a very essential part of our rights that goes without saying.

We should not be forced to stay in a terrible job when we would rather go out and start a small business, but would loose health insurance if we did.

Healthcare pays all the cost of managing your heath. Health insurance does not. People are going bankrupt from the portion of healthcare that their insurance doesn’t cover. They are loosing their homes, and businesses every single day.

And they are dying! They are dying because they don’t have healthcare, and they can’t afford to go to the doctor. They wait and wait until they are taken to the ER, and given stop gap care that costs hundreds of times what it would if they had healthcare. And who pays for that ER visit? We do.

We all pay for it whether you want to or not. You can pay many many times what it should cost, while sick people still die on the streets, go bankrupt, and loose everything. Or you could pay a lesser amount and have a populace that is healthy, and able to pursue all the other rights that we have to their fullest potential.

Healthcare, when it stands for the whole of our society needs to be provided for all the people in our society equally as a right. You can say it’s not a right, but only because we have not made it so. It is an absolute that needs to be.

On the other hand, health insurance needs to disappear. It is a drain on our healthcare dollars, pouring those dollars directly into the pockets of the very rich. The rich middle man that decides if you live or die based on whether it is profitable enough for the rich middle man.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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