Always vote for a good candidate. Don’t vote for Biden, vote for a good candidate. Very very simple. No blah blah this or that. It is all we as voters need to do. Vote for a good candidate. If we do our job, the good candidate wins. Why are people making up reasons why we would be forced to vote for a bad candidate like Trump, or Biden. There is no reason. There are a majority of voters that are neither Trump or Biden lovers. When you vote for what you believe is a bad candidate you are lying, and then the world and the political historians believe your lie. They all say look! Look how many people actually voted for this scum bag. Let’s give them another more scummy scum bag next time. Hell, they will vote for the absolute worst scum bag in the world that will do exactly what we the rich and powerful want. Stupid voters.

Come on people. Please just vote for a good candidate, and quit over thinking it.

Maybe take a look at the Green Party. See if that isn’t a better direction than the shit show Biden will lead us into.

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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