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I drink my coffee by myself

Or pretty close to me

I drink it by the pot

Pressed on the counter top

I see my reflection

Tattered on the black

I drink me down anyway

So I can come back

On the next cup

Can’t be lonely

Looking at me

Hot and caffeinated

Pour me

Please again

All vaccines are experimental. Medicine is experimental. So don’t try to tell us that experimental is any reason not to do something that saves lives in a pandemic. The extra deaths you and your idiot friends are causing is on your heads.

All those that continue to loose family members…

Pondering the donor class. Or the lizard people. Photo by author

My new favorite quote

In a story by that I found today, he was talking about tacos. Soft tacos I think. Or weak tacos. …

That’s dog clapping right there! But I have noticed a good portion of Medium readers are acting like lazy dogs with their claps.

Photo by author

I know some people don’t realize that they can give up to 50 claps. So this is for you. You all know who you are. The single…

The Green New Deal is owned by the Green Party from years back. Not Alexandria. Not a big deal except we could have been doing the Green New Deal 10 years ago, if people could get their heads out of their you know where and vote for the Greens, which…

I understand that it is dangerous for you, and that this is no game.

I wrote a long response initially to your first comments to try to explain what I had been trying to say, but it started to sound like a rebuttal, or me trying to prove something. …

If you want to go progressive, just go Green. F#$k the Democrats, and f#$k the Republicans. The time for a strong stand alone progressive movement is upon us. The corporate owned Democrats are not going to play with real progressives, so why try. They prove this over and over again…

It seems everyone believes people are being swayed mightily by propaganda. Everyone except themselves and their political peers.

We all need to realize that no one is immune to propaganda.

Like my mother used to say. "Everybody's crazy except you and me, and I'm not so sure about you."


My white dog Petey

WHY I AM A RACIST and what i can do about it

This is by no means an all inclusive list, mainly because I’m making the list from my viewpoint, and I’m sure I am missing something. Maybe a lot of things.

  1. I believe people of color are special. Why…

If you call yourself a Christian, and Trump fits into that picture as a special Christian leader, you are some kind of sick, and need help badly. When they mated Christians with the Republicans is when it all went to hell. What a sick joke. …

Danny Robinson

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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