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My white dog Petey

WHY I AM A RACIST and what i can do about it

This is by no means an all inclusive list, mainly because I’m making the list from my viewpoint, and I’m sure I am missing something. Maybe a lot of things.

  1. I believe people of color are special. Why? Well probably because they are colorful. White people look boring. They are pasty, and, well they are white. But I look at a black, brown, red, or yellow person, and I’m thinking, hey will you look at that! I just want to go up and give them a hug. But…

If you call yourself a Christian, and Trump fits into that picture as a special Christian leader, you are some kind of sick, and need help badly. When they mated Christians with the Republicans is when it all went to hell. What a sick joke. There is nothing Christian in anything they do.

I'm not saying to look to the Democrats for Christian leadership, as both parties might as well be Satan in the flesh. Just as Billionaires should not exist, Christians mixed with politics should not exist.

Jimmy Carter was the one and only president that at all resembled…

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I have alluded to the use of the guillotine jokingly before.

I believe it is time to seriously consider this as a way to start the transformation of the world into a more just and equitable place. The world is dying from the greed of a few. We need to make an example for all the wannabe greedy types, and get rid of the greedy few in power. We are on the death bed of humanity. …

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We all know there are plenty of people in all our communities that don’t believe they should have to wear a mask. The idea of that sits in the back of my mind when I am out at a store, and I try to keep my distance.

I try to keep quiet as well. I don’t want one of these idiots up in my face spewing spittle. I do not want to get infected with this virus.

I’m 66 years old. There are people in our local hospital suffering, and dying everyday from Covid 19…

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Photo By Photoni

All the little fish being eaten by the big fish. That is America. We, I mean most of you, and certainly me are the little fish. Chasing, running, fighting for little scraps or morsels of what is left after the big fish swim through savagely devouring everything. I mean everything.

The big fish own the ocean, and we little fish pay them for the right to be there. We pay literally with our lives. We are stupid little fish.

We have the numbers, we could take down the big fish, but we don’t. Instead we fight amongst ourselves. Every four…

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Let me first say that I don’t know if the tear gas our government uses on us today is the same as the stuff used on me back in the day while I was out protesting war as a teen. But it sure sucked back then, and I’m pretty sure it still does. Maybe worse.

Something I keep hearing is how the groups of protesters are out there breaking things, demolishing businesses, burning, and looting. …


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And most of the rest of us are as well.

I grew up believing America was exceptional. I believed in the equality, and justice that was supposedly available for all. I pledged allegiance to the flag’ with liberty and justice for all.

I thought we were different than the shit hole countries.

I was insulated, like so many. I am white, and there used to be a middle class.

We had democracy, and we were Socialists in many ways. When there was a depression, we pulled together, and our government put people to work building our…

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The only way to change this is to break the machine by voting for something else.

I am completely bewildered that full grown adults can’t see what the hell is going on in our government. How they can allow themselves to absorb the propaganda. The same type that we see in every genocide throughout history.

I guess because it is not directly touching them, it is not worth noticing.

I just got back from the grocery store. Driving through town I couldn’t help but see the group of white middle class people in their 50’s marching around on a busy…

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Ok ok, I knew already.

While most people think it came from AOC, and Ed Markey the fact is that Howie Hawkins ran on the Green New Deal platform that he developed with help from other leftists(Green Party Folks) in his bid for New York governor back in 2010.

Yes folks it is a total Green Party thing, along with a lot of other progressive endeavors. Things like stopping the useless wars that continue at our expense, and make a bunch of billionaires richer, also at our expense.

Or how about medicare for all. Total Green party construct.

But back…

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I am sick of people telling me that my vote doesn’t count.

Or they say if I don’t vote for Biden, I am voting for Trump.

They say it with great conviction. They say I am being idealistic, or naive.

These people probably have good intentions when they say the same things over and over. It’s almost as if they are repeating some kind of propaganda. …

Danny Robinson

Old guy. Ex Democrat. Believer in karma. I’ll get mine! You’ll get yours!

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